Band Name:

Out To Bring Us Down

Formed in the summer of '08 "Out to Bring Us Down" was forged by the will and passion of like minded musicians who set out to create something true and undeniable. Life's solemn despair and raw emotion coupled with melodic guitar riffs, smooth bass lines, and stirring vocals make for an uncompromising sound that is all their own. With inspiration, Justin White breaths life into every word, matched by Mike Lema's masterful groove on guitar.

Now in the summer of 2010, a new line-up emerges to bring the vision to life with the additions of Mario Petrucco on Bass and Anthony Deso on drums

Together we are one, before us shall stand none that are "Out to Bring us Down"

February 20th Trick Shots, Rt. 9 Clifton Park.