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 Tell us about your band: We are a high energy rock band playing 'modern' hard rock cover songs. Currently we are working on writing original "HyGEER" songs. We have been playing the "local" bar/club scene from Northern Lights to the small independantly owned bars. We go all over the northern central and eastern parts of NY and are starting to book out west. Sorry but you wont hear no "Free Bird" or Clapton at a HyGEER show

Upcoming Shows-

-March 5, Kelly's Imperial Lanes, Amsterdam 10pm
-March 11, Last Resort, Schenectady 10pm
-March 19, The Upper Deck, Gloversville 10pm
-March 26, The Limbo Bar, Gloversville 10pm
-April 9, Als Roadhouse, Broadalbin 10pm
-April 23, Meadowbrook, Fultonville 10pm
-April 30, Locomotions, Cobleskill 10pm