Band Name: Fort Rooster
Tell us about your band!: Fort Rooster is five-piece rock band formed in July of 2009. Originating from Schenectady New York, Fort Rooster draws inspiration from an unlimited variety of outlets and have been described as a mixture of the soaring cadence of Led Zeppelin to the melodic drive of Stone Temple Pilots and Queens Of The Stone Age. Riding on a six-track self titled EP, Fort Rooster's current plans are to spread the word of their music to the local scene and move on from there. The band is willing and prepared to play with any artist or location that is interested in their sound, and look forward to sharing the stage with these performers. Originally the drummer of the now-disbanded The Renowned Army (feat. Nate Danker, Dan Cramer and Jesse Winchester of The Viking), the group's founding member Rob Fleming wrote and recorded the self-titled debut EP himself independently. With the desire to perform the music live, Rob recruited the talents of Craig Relyea (solo), Travis Morgan (Terrestrial Sphere) and Mike Vallely to deliver the energetic, dynamic live performance of Fort Rooster.

City: Schenectady

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