Last week, Albany police responded to a call on the 300 hundred block of Orange Street. There was a tip that a man was carrying a gun.When the officers got to the area they observed a man that fit the description of the call. Allegedly as officers approached the man he took off on foot. While the police gave chase the man discarded something. The police quickly apprehend Henry Smalls.

When the officers found the object that was allegedly previously discarded, they found this gun.


Regardless if Mr. Smalls had carried this gun or not. No one would ever want to get caught with a gun. Some have called this revolver the worst gun ever.

This particular hand gun is made by a company called Rohm. Known for not being very accurate and causing injury to the shooter. Not good traits for a small caliber hand gun or any gun.

About the size of a deck of cards, this gun also looks like a cap gun. Making appealing to young children.

Worst of all, a Rohm hand gun much like this was used in the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.