Has the outcry from Donald Sterling's private comments that were made public gone too far? The owner of the L.A. Clippers has been banned for life from the NBA and now a local coach has lost their job in a slightly similar circumstance.

The Albany School District has said they fired a softball coach at the Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School over a racist retweet on Twitter.

The school's investigation began when a parent alerted the school to the retweet on the coach Zoe Naylor's personal Twitter account. The retweet in question contained a picture, or meme, of an African American baby with the text "Lil (expletive deleted) looks like John Legend."

District Spokesman Ron Lesko spoke with News10 saying:

We do not tolerate the use of that kind of language by any employee of our district.

Lesko went on to say that Naylor was suspended of her duties as soon as the investigation began and later fired. Since the news broke of the retweet and firing, Naylor's Twitter page has been shut down.

Is this a break of our freedom of speech or just another lesson that you need to be careful of what you post social media websites?