Friday night, or rather early Saturday morning, after the show at Dublin's with How the World Ends and Not Yet Fallen, I got my second wind and went off to my next adventure to Dutch Apple Cruise line for a party and show with local band and Q-Ruption Play for the Stage winners Selfish needy Creatures. It was the perfect ending to a mind-blowing night, and I was lucky enough to be there for all of it.

The boat boarded at 11:30 pm, took off at midnight, and returned a little after 2 am. It was late and cold outside of the boat, but it was well worth it. There were three levels to the boat- the lower level, which is mostly seating, where there was pizza and snacks, the middle level, where the performances took place and where the bar was, and the upper level where the captain of the boat was. I didn't visit the the upper deck, because we were told it was the captain's first voyage, and whether that was true or not, I wasn't going to distract him! The boat went a lot faster than I expected, but it was a nice little trip and it was cool to go by buildings and such, and look down at the waves that the boat created, feeling like I was on the Titanic.

After filling up on hot cheese pizza, the crowd headed up to the second level for the first band. Saratoga

 Springs quintet Skeletons in the Piano opened up for Selfish Needy Creatures, and I can safely say they are like nothing I've ever heard before. They're almost a new genre on their own-they're not strictly one type of music or the other, they are more like a mix of everything put into one, new mold. The vocalist had a unique, strong voice, but my eyes gravitated toward the keyboardist/violinist. He was slender, and wore this very slick, shiny black top hat that looked like it was made for him. He was a natural- taking control over two instruments and mastering musical multi-tasking. His violin was very different looking, almost hourglass-figured, and as he played and played the hairs on his bow would break, but he would keep on playing his heart out, and would then stroke the hairs after to assess the damage, smile donning his face.

Another cool thing was the guitarist's pedal board, which was covered with random knick knacks, including a plastic lobster and even a Ouija board, which I thought was a cool, unique touch. The band had their own dancer as well, which I've never seen before. She wore black bra top and long, flowy black maxi skirt, both draped with jewels, bangles, shiny strings of circles and beads and feathers and parts of boas. She moved her body in unison with the beat of the music, incorporating her entire body- arms, legs, hands, feet, and even her stomach. It was a cool, unique touch that I'm not sure is needed, as the band speaks for itself and is successful on its own, but I guess upping the ante a bit can't hurt. She got some girls in the crowd to dance as well, some of whom even danced right next to her here and there. The band put on a great performance and got the crowd hyped and ready for SNC.

My good friends Selfish Needy Creatures were ready to go shortly after SITP were finished and

 packed up. I always get so pumped to see them, as they are such awesome people and I have joy in knowing I helped them get to SPAC for Q-Ruption, which they deserved. It was amazing to be just feet away from them while they performed, and it was hard to not take a ton of pictures. As a band, they are cohesive and very much in tune with one another, but as individuals they really stand out and their differences become apparent:

Chris, the drummer, is a loving father and avid photographer, and also provides the back-up vocals. He's a crazy drummer, and out of nowhere will stand up and scream chorus lines, which adds power and energy to the music. He's a kind and giving soul and a great friend, and his image, talent and love for music are great attributes to the band.

Bassist Tom is the one who I have yet to get up close and personal with. He's the quiet one of the band, but seems like a really nice, down-to-earth guy. It's still funny to me that band members can be shy, especially since they've played huge venues, but when it's your personality, nothing can change that. He's very passionate about the music, which can be read right on his face.

Karl, the guitarist, is very outgoing, friendly and just a happy-go-lucky guy. I've never seen him in a bad mood or without a smiling face, but when you're surrounded by music all the time, how could you ever be anything but happy. He is in more than one band, and works as a cook, so he definitely likes to keep busy. He can shred the crap out of a guitar, which is simply proven by the fact that his guitar is the only one in a band of four. He's multi-talented and fun to watch and hang out with, and is the perfect mold for a classic rocker.

Frontman Vegas is nothing but blessed and thankful for everything in his life, especially his music. His

 passion is Rock n' Roll, and he will die trying to spread his word about it to those who are ignorant of it. He wants nothing more than for great music to rule the world once again, and for young people to understand the value and history behind Rock n' Roll. He has a great style from head-to-toe, and puts everything into his scream, which helps get his message across to his audience. He's a really remarkable person and I feel so blessed to have him and his message in my life.

The band of course put on another sick performance, including old and new songs "Blame," "50 Caliber Kiss," "World War 3," Friendly New Enemy," "I'll be Damned," "The Hard Way" and Vegas' own personal anthem "Rock n' Roll will save your Soul." They also pleasantly surprised the crowd and played Pantera's own "I'm Broken." The crowd pretty much went nuts, as it was very unexpected. However, in December, SNC will be joining a bunch of other bands in a Dimebag Darrell tribute night, where each band will do a cover of a Pantera, so perhaps they were practicing for that show. It was a nice preview, and I can't wait for that show.

Vegas is always entertaining and interactive with the crowd, and no matter how big or small it might be, he still says his words of wisdom each time, which I love, because eventually, it will make a difference.

Between both shows, Friday night was exhausting, but totally fun and worth every second. Attending a show on a boat line is something so out of the box and something not a lot of bands do, and I had the time of my life. Now my brain is beyond fried from writing, so I'm going to close with this, in the words of Vegas: "I'd rather live one day as a lion, than a lifetime as a lamb," and at only 23, I'm proud to say I live everyday as a lion, and plan on keeping it that way.