Hygeer from Broadalbin has an awesome opportunity this Friday night as they open up the Jagermeister Music Tour at Northern Lights.

Usually when I head down to Savannah's on Friday night for the late night happy hour the bands usually aren't all that memorable.  Some are just down right awful, sorry guys, but you are.  This past Friday night however I came across a band that had the place rockin'.  Hygeer are some local boys from Broadalbin, NY and they know how to rock.  Not only did they play some pretty sweet covers from Godsmack, Rage Against The Machine and Buckcherry, but they also hit up some of their own material which also kicked ass.

At the end of the night the lead singer Bob came over to me with an envelope that had their band info and demo CD.  When we all got in Monday and listened to it we decided these guys should tear up a bigger club, one like Northern Lights.  So we have decided to make them the opening band for the Jagermeister music tour this Friday night featuring Buckcherry, HELLYEAH, The Damned Things and All That Remains.  This is a huge opportunity for these guys and they deserve it!  Basically what I'm saying is that the Jager tour is going to be full of energy from start to finish so be there!  And make sure to check out Hygeer. If you want to hear a sample of what they bring to the table here is one of their tunes from the Q103 Local Music Outlet.