To celebrate her live transplant, a German woman showed up to the hospital with a giant bottle of vodka. 

A nurse for the hospital told a court that she found the bottle in the woman's bag, removing it, and pouring it out.

The problem here is that rules state liver transplant patients are supposed to stay sober up to six months before the transplant. However, the woman admitted to 'boozing it up' with the bottle the night before the surgery.

This is all part of a much larger scandal involving the former head of transplants for the hospital. According to court documents, he manipulated patient files in order to help them receive transplants faster. He is accused of doing this at least 25 times and now faces charges of 'attempted manslaughter and three cases of grievous bodily harm.'

The case came to light in 2012 and the court hearings occurred this past Monday (Jan 20). Since the case got national attention, the Germany organ donor program has seen a sharp decline in people signing up - the worst it's been since 1997.