There are a lot of distractions while driving in the modern age - Passengers, Phones, Digital Gadgets, and yes - even music. But which of these has little effect on your driving skills?

According to a Science Daily report, Music has little effect on your driving skill.

Traffic psychologist, yes that job exist, Ayça Berfu Ünal suggest that however you listen to music there is little to no effect on driving distraction. In fact, the results of the test show there is actually a positive effect.

Motorist between the ages of 25 and 35 were used a test subjects. They were asked to focus on the road as they listened to music, radio or CD. They were allowed to chose their music for the test so that they were not stuck listening to something they didn't like. This helped to maintain the test's integrity so that subjects would not rush to get the experiment over with.

Heavy or soft, if didn't matter as the motorist did their "utmost to be responsible drivers".

Ünal's conclusion on the study suggest that music makes very little difference in driving skill, no matter what the traffic situation or terrain. She says "it's important to know your limits" though. People put more mental effort in to things like talking on the phone or texting, which causes massive distractions while driving. Music is more seen as "background noise" than something that is in the forefront of a person's mental thought process while driving.

To sum it all up... Crank it up!