Yesterday I got into an argument with a young lady who is upset with Q103 using public records on our website. So to further entertain her I decided to put our conversation on this here inter web.

Reasons this girl might be so grumpy…

Number 1: She is a young confused girl in college and her body is going through a tone of changes and that can be scary and upsetting.

Number 2: She did not like the post Rob Dawes had posted earlier this week of some college girls Mug Shots and asking the Q103 listeners “who is hotter”? Ps, you can still vote on the photos here.

Keep in mind these girls were arrested for having a party that got a bit out of hand, and when the cops came to break it up they had discovered that not every one was of the legal drinking age. This is a common occurrence yes, but a crime none the less. Now please enjoy the phone call from the worse female college representative that could have possibly called my show.


“You are F*****G Low Life’s and Disgusting…” – Female caller (Possibly Snookie)

“It’s embarrassing you aren’t concerned with real crimes instead of a couple of college kids trying to have a good time…” – Female caller (Possibly Snookie)