Woah! Talk about some serious throwback tunes here.

Joe Scarnici, Getty Images

Some pretty rare tunes have been uncovered from the bowels of the internet from a performance that U2 did here in the Capital Region back in the early '80s.

OK, OK, maybe it wasn't really the bowels of the internet and it was just stumbled upon on YouTube a few years after it was posted but hey, it's still pretty cool.

Back in 1981, U2 was in the Capital Region to play a show at a club in an old stamp store on Central Ave. called J.B. Scott's. Apparently J.B. Scott's was the spot and Bono must have had a pretty memorable experience there because he gave the place a shout out when they came back to play Albany's Knickerbocker Arena in '92. According to the TU he said

"I remember playing a club here, J.B. Scott's, way back. I think it was 1963.

I don't quite understand the 1963 reference because '63 and '81 were both before my time, but whatever you say Bono.

Anyway, I guess one of the former owners of J.B. Scott's was messing around on YouTube and came across a video posted in 2013 that he says contains audio from their performance there back on Nov. 13 of '81.

Experience a piece of musical history from right here in the Capital Region and give it a listen below!

On a side note, I can not attest to the authenticity of the recordings but for the most part it seems it could be pretty legit.