You would think that someone like Lindsay Lohan would be fine cutting loose on the set, but as it turns out if she's having sex on camera, the crew needs to do something similar.

Lindsay Lohan has a new film coming out in 2013 called 'The Canyons'. If you thought she was trying to put that child star image behind her, than you were right, and this movie will do so. Lohan will even be topless, not that we haven't seen it before - she did pose for Playboy after all.

So in this new film, described by IMDB as a sexy thriller, Lohan had an odd request before filming her big topless sex scene. Turns out Lindsay wanted everyone to get in on the fun. If she had to take her shirt off, she wanted the crew to remove their pants.

Apparently the best way to make Lindsay Lohan comfortable is to take your pants off. We've now made a mental note, and if we ever have Lindsay Lohan come into the Q studio, our pants will for sure be off.