Actress Lindsay Lohan has screwed up and failed at just about everything now, including her recent Playboy photo shoot.  You would think she would have the sexy pose down, after all we've seen her lady lumps and other parts on the internet for years.  However once Hef saw the spread, he said do-over! 

The reason why Lindsay failed this photo shoot is a mystery.  According to E! Online Hugh Hefner was not pleased with the session that was done at the Playboy Mansion last week.   Another shoot was to be done this past Friday with a new photographer.  Playboy spokespeople are saying Linday's shoot will be tastefully done.

Perhaps Hef could tell she was and still is a hot mess, or was it Lohan herself that wanted a re-do?  Whatever happens we all know the airbrushes will be hard at work for this one after all it is almost a million dollar payout. Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to be in the January 2012 issue.