Van Halen has a new album on the way and in September they were set to begin playing live gigs again starting in Australia.  Now those dates have been cancelled and it looks like Limp Bizkit is to blame.

The Rock News Desk is reporting that Van Halen was suppose to be playing Australia's Soundwave Revolution music festival, but not only has Van Halen cancelled the dates, the festival itself has been cancelled as well.  So who is to blame for this debacle? It looks like Limp Bizkit is at fault.

Van Halen was waiting for the promoters to get them a second headliner for the festival, and rumor had it Limp Bizkit was that band, but they pulled out.  Van Halen apparently had other offers and dropped the Aussie dates.  Bizkit front man Fred Durst doesn't like that the blame is putting thrust upon him and issued this comment on it.

FYI, we were never on the bill to play any festival down under. So it looks like Van Halen cancels and we get thrown into the mix. Classic.

Right now it looks like it's a case of "he said she said" and the bottom line is that Australia no longer gets a rock festival.  No worries though, plenty of room for all of our friends down under at Q-Ruption next week!