The long awaited album from Limp Bizkit called 'Gold Cobra' is coming out Tuesday.   The video of the first single entitled 'Gold Cobra' is now streaming at Limp Bizkit's webpage, and it is Limp Bizkit to the core.  Check it out. has clips of the 13 tracks from the album here.

To see the video of Gold Cobra, click here. The video is very hip hop influenced with Fred wearing a Celtics jersey, bouncing breasts,  hot girls,  and hot cars.

After a 8 year hiatus, Limp Bizkit is back with the original line up of Fred Durst, Wes Borland, Sam Rivers, John Otto and DJ Lethal.

'Gold Cobra' will come in several ways. The standard release will feature 13 new songs while the deluxe edition will feature 16 new songs only thru iTunes. Additionally, fans can purchase a physical CD that has 17 original songs exclusively at Best Buy, and that same release of 16 songs will be available digitally at