New music from Limp Bizkit should be out very soon.  A few years ago Fred Durst mentioned a album called Gold Cobra, featuring 10 songs, it hasnt happened yet but stay tuned as a double album is coming.

In February 2011, Fred wrote on the band's website: “Through thick and thin, the Gold Cobra has slivered its way through the corporate jungle and into the studio to be mixed by Dave Schiffman. My intentions are to keep as much ‘polish’ off of this album as possible... We are extremely excited to get this album into your eardrums. As some of you have noticed, we have and will take as much time as we need before putting this album out regardless of any pressure or impatience that is thrown our way. So, waste your breath if you like. It’s your prerogative. Fd”

Then Durst tweeted, “Obviously we have two albums here, in case you didn’t pick up on that. First one is Gold Cobra. Due soon.” He then followed it up with, “Oh, excuse me, sixteenth song mixed is ‘Ready to Go’ featuring Lil Wayne. GFY! I love it.”

This past Friday, Durst tweeted and predicted that the first album would be out June 7.  But also suggested the band’s label, Interscope, were not pleased with the idea of a double-CD set.

Q103 got its hands on a new Limp Bizkit tracked called "Walking Away" which should be on the new album.  Keep listening as we get details we'll pass them along.