You know how it goes- Get hammered, ride around in a limo, eat. Pretty basic stuff. One problem though- As you sit in the back of said Limo, you never take into consideration the size of the damn thing- Especially when you're craving a Big Mac and 20 piece at 2am. Ever try and rock the drive-thru at the McDonald's near Westgate? In a limo, It ain't happenin! Point is- It's up to the driver to say 'Idiots, I may be able to get this 30ft puppy into the golden arches drive- thru, but hey, we ain't getting out.

Unfortunately for this driver in 'Somewhere USA'. He didn't, well- Let's just say- This bro is duuuuummmmbbbb.

(Video contains Adam Sandler's 'Ode To My Car', so you may want to turn down your speakers if you're at work)