We live in a world of entertainment overload. There's an overabundance of options to watch your favorite TV shows, Movies, etc. But with all these options at our finger tips, how much of it do we actually watch? How many of the 200 plus channels in our TV packages do we actually turn to?

The average consumer only has 17 favorite channels they tune in to according to new research from Nielsen. That number has stayed rather consistent even though the average number of channels available to homes has risen over the last six years.

What's the reason for it? According to the Nielsen advertising report, services like Netflix and Hulu along with social media are having a an affect in our viewing habits.

David Neuman of Prime Visibility spoke with Lost Remote about this:

Programs like Netflix and Hulu along with social media being utilized as part of the TV watching experience will continue to result in the average TV channel tune-in number to be low.

In the past, when people were bored, they might flip through the TV guide and see what’s on television, but with programs like Netflix, you have a library of thousands of different movies and TV shows that you can access on demand. Why would I see “what’s on TV” and catch a TV episode or movie in the middle of the program when I can search for what I’m in the mood to watch and start it from the beginning?

It should be noted that a study from 2013 on consumer viewing habits showed young adults were more likely not subscribe to a cable or satellite provider in favor of internet streaming services.

I fall in to that category as I found myself less and less watching TV on a regular basis. Dumping off my subscription to cable for Nextflix and Hulu, as well as the WWE Network, was the best option to fit my viewing habits. Plus with the added addition of Google Chrome that allows me to take the app from my tablet and play it on my television, my options aren't limited to the small screen.

So, do you have a limited amount of favorite stations? Or do you just have online streaming services?