I am all about people overcoming tremendous obstacles in life and accomplishing amazing things, but this human hotdog can’t be serious, can he?

According to Arbroath a limbless French endurance athlete Philippe Croizon, says he’s going to attempt to swim across the world. He claims this will be an attempt to connect the world by swimming between five continents. I first assumed that was a metaphor but turns out this dude is serious. Croizon has already swum the English Channel and now plans on spending the summer swimming the rest.

Is this guy for real? Has he never seen shark week? Look in the mirror guy. With that silly wet suit and gigantic prosthetic flipper feet you completely resemble the dummy seal that they drag behind boats to make great whites jump. Seas sometimes cant out run sharks, what makes you think you can? I wish you luck bro, but when you get hammered 20 feet into the air by the jaws of a great white don’t come crying to me. I think your both amazing and 100% shark bait.