Everyone loves Chinese food, but it's loaded with all kinds of bad for you ingredients.  I'll show you an easy way to enjoy it by making it at home, that's a little easier on your diet.

There are a few go to foods that people love.  Pizza is one of them, and I think that Chinese food is the other.  Americans spend millions of dollars on take-out every year, but did you know there are easy ways to  make these dishes at home without breaking the bank, or your belt?  You bet your chubby face there are.

Lets start with a favorite of mine.  Sesame chicken.  I can't get enough of the stuff, but there is only so much deep fried , MSG filled chicken that you can stand.  Take a break from delivery and try this simple and east recipe from home.  Plus, it's a lot lighter, perfect for a dieter or someone who just likes to eat healthy.

What do you need?

- 1lb of boneless, skinless chicken breast

-2 Tble Spoons Honey

-2 Tble Spoons soy sauce


-scallions (green onions)

-2 egg whites

-1/4 cup corn starch


-Brown rice

Cut the chicken into large cubes and set aside.  Mix together the honey, soy sauce and two minced up cloves of garlic, set aside.  Next, whisk together the egg whites and corn starch. This will keep the chicken moist, and give it that nice glossy look that most Chinese food has.

Put the chicken into the corn starch and egg white mixture and coat it good.  Then put that chicken into a hot skillet and cook thoroughly in a bit of olive oil.  At this point you'll want to start cooking your brown rice and broccoli.  You can use either fresh broccoli, or frozen florets, whatever is easier for you.

Once the chicken is done, pour the honey, soy sauce mixture over it and coat it well.  Personally, I like to double the sauce because it just adds more flavor.  Take some brown rice and make a bed on your plate, combine the broccoli with the chicken mix, and dig in.

I made my own modifications to this recipe, but you can get the one I based it off of here.