The news is breaking this morning that the Libyan rebels have taken the Capital of Tripoli and stormed long time leader, Moammar Gadhafi's compund, but he has gone missing. 

According to Yahoo News and the Associated Press, the Libyan rebels have made great progress and have taken the Libyan Capital of Tripoli.  They stormed the Capital, in what would have been early Monday morning our time.  This of course coming a while after NATO had asked for Gadhafi to step down as the Libyan leader.  He is now missing.

The small amount of Gadhafi forces that are left around the compound have not fled.  They opened fire on the Rebels, but they are reporting that the Rebels remain strong and that they have even captured Gadhafi's son.   When asked about the situation president Barack Obama said that Libya is "slipping away from the grasp of a tyrant".

Gadhafi himself remains missing, and according to sources around Africa they have sent no planes to evacuate the Libyan leader.

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