Seriously though, you ready for some serious snow? I was just chatting with a buddy yesterday about the white stuff. Our general consensus?  Why haven't we seen a snow storm that drops 2 inches an hour, like back in the old days? You know what I'm saying right? Like, the kind of snow plows can't keep up on? That's what I long for when it comes to winter and snow. Let's roll out the prediction.

1 to 2 inches of snow per hour, yes please! The National Weather Service is predicting 10 to 14 inches of snow for the immediate Albany Area beginning Friday morning at around 6am with the heaviest of the snow expected to hit at lunch time rolling through to our afternoon commute and tapering off later in the evening. Expect flurries to linger around all day Saturday.

It could be worse though- Places like Boston and Northeastern CT could see close to 2 ft of the white stuff as a storm from Canada decides to mosey on down and hook up with another storm rolling up the east coast- Look at Mother Nature playing matchmaker at our expense- Well played M.N, well played!

On a side note: The grocery store is going to be ridiculous tonight. Enjoy all of that!