Swimmers around Lawson Lake will have to find another way to cool off as the water has recently been issued off limits. An algae bloom has coated the lake with a slim that might be hazardous to humans.

“Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy issued the advisory on Tuesday after the bloom was discovered in the lake… ‘It's important that people and animals stay out of the water," McCoy said in a prepared statement. "Nature will take its course and when the weather changes, the blooms will die off. Swimming is not allowed in the lake and pets should stay out of the water as well’.” –TU

It was not added in the story above but my suggestion is to keep a calm happy attitude around the slime. From what I know about slime from movies if you get to grumpy bad things can happen. The last thing we need is to be caught smack dab in the middle of spook central!