Every election year, interesting laws pass. This year, two states legalized the use of recreational marijuana, and the pornography capital of the world is under mandate to stop being silly, and wrap its collective willy.

Via Gawker, Los Angeles County, home of the infamous San Fernando Valley (also known as the Silicone Valley), has passed a law requiring condom use in pornographic films and to require filmmakers, a term I use loosely here (but not THAT kind of loosely), to get a Los Angeles County health permit before getting down to business.

This has led to those who many people in the adult industry threatening to leave town or try and fight the law in court, and many worried that the money for the protection will come out of taxpayers' wallets, a concern that has been addressed, as a provision in the law states that the money will come out of producers' pockets.

Now, I don't consider myself to be a big porn guy, and by that, I mean I'm just not into it at all. With that said, can someone educate me on why this is such a bad thing?

I mean, this is going to do nothing but make an industry that has had scares with HIV in the past safer for anyone who chooses to enter it. Shouldn't that be welcomed by everyone?

Not to mention, if you absolutely have to watch two people go all Evil Kenevil with each other's genitals by not wrapping it up, there's only the entire rest of the world to watch your porn from.

Do you like the law making porn stars use protection? Do you dislike it? Do you even care? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.