This past week I asked you guys to pick my next diner stop, and you landed me at the Latham 76 Diner.  It was not a disappointing adventure.

One place that the people of the Albany area have been hitting up for over 30 years is the Latham 76 diner.  Located right off the traffic circle, and right near everything that's everything in Latham, NY it' a spot that's hard for you to miss.  Plus their menu is full of things so there is no doubt that you will be able to find something.

In my past diner visits I have taken up the breakfast option.  It's hard to not get breakfast when you go to a diner, but lets not forget that they offer other stuff as well.  This time, I went sandwich.  A hot pastrami sandwich on rye.  Absolutely delicious.  Had to get onion rings with it as well.  One of the key things that I always have to check to make sure that the sandwich experience will be 100% awesome is if the pickle is good.  It was, and I will be heading back for more.

The 76 Diner is a staple of the area, and rightfully so.  The prices are great, the food is awesome and the people are very friendly.  If you are visiting the area and looking for some great local flavor, hit this up.  If you live in the area and have been here before, then hit it again because this place isn't going anywhere.