I didn't know there was such a thing as this, but according to this story there is. Las Vegas is more than just the city of lights and 24/7 excitement, it is now also known as the sexiest city- sexy as in setting-wise and by the people who inhabit it. Whether that's residents only or tourists too I'm not sure, but congrats to them.

I've never been to Vegas but I hope to venture out there some day. It's the only place where you can get hitched, gamble, drink and eat anytime of day, everyday. Time is no factor and there are no clocks in the casinos. It's a place to get away worry-free and have a blast.

First, but maybe not foremost, the landscape, scenery and culture of Nevada's prize-winning city contribute to its "sexy" title. In addition to its electric and artistic skyline, the surrounding deserts and mountains add depth and natural beauty. The architecture and somewhat unique building structures also add to the city's overall look.

flickr user pfala

Maybe it's the fact that Vegas is the most populous city in all of Nevada, or perhaps it's because college students and other groups of young people frequent the city, especially during holiday and school breaks, such as the upcoming President's Day weekend, in which Vegas accounts for the most booked destination. The people also make Vegas the sexiest city in the U.S. Was this study done when people were drunk or sober is what I want to know.

All I can think of as I write this is Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid in the hilarious flick Vegas Vacation. I think they would agree that the city which served as the basis for one of National Lampoon's most famous films might just be the sexiest of all. What do you think? Want to bet on it?