When Metallica cut their hair short in the 90's we all thought that was the worst thing they could have done.  If only we had a time machine, we would have known about the Lulu fiasco.  Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is still defending the albums quality.

When Metallica played Rock in Rio back in September, Lars Ulrich did an interview with Wikimetal and that interview can now be heard everywhere thanks to a downloadable podcast.  They ask Lars about the now-flop record, Lulu, and why they did it.  Basically his answer is what they have been saying all along, which is they made it because they wanted to.

Metallica fans did not like the record, and it didn't sell very well out of the starting gate.  Apparently none of that matters to Lars, who says in the podcast that the people who's opinions he thinks matter say it's a good album.  Basically tough luck everyone.

One thing that Metallica fans can be thankful for is that back in December they released a few unreleased tracks from the Death Magnetic sessions and called it Beyond Magnetic.  No doubt a way to cool everyone down about Lulu.  In 2012 we can expect an entire new album from Metallica, and they say that it's very much like the Black Album.

Download the podcast here and give a listen to Lars' complete interview.