For those of you who have been looking forward to the collaborative album from Metallica and Lou Reed, today is the day.  Lulu is officially out and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich explains the motives behind the album.

Whether Metallica fan like it or not, the band likes and needs to explore their musical interests from time to time.  Recently, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich talked to USA Today about the bands upcoming 30th anniversary and the album they did together with Lou Reed, which is out today.

People would like us not to stray beyond certain boundaries, that would kill Metallica. We feed on freedom. We love coming back to metal, but we need to turn over rocks or we'd suffocate. That's our DNA.

-Lars Ulrich

Fans aren't very excited for the Lulu album, and most Metallica fans that I have talked too are actually disappointed in the effort.  Metallica is currently working on a new Metallica record now that everything is done with Lulu.   Frontman James Hetfield had said previously that they wouldn't rule out possible live shows back the collaboration with Lou Reed though.