As we all know, Randy Blythe made news headlines quite often this past year as he was on trial for manslaughter in Prague for the unfortunate death of a fan that took place at a Lamb Of God Show there years before. He even spent some time in a Czech prison. He was eventually acquitted of all charges and released to go back to the states. Blythe has produced a short film about Prague and it has just gone public. Read on for more info.

One thing that I admired about Randy during this whole debacle was how positive, humble and composed he remained the entire time. He even released a statement on how well he was treated in the prison. Most people would not even see such a situation in an uplifting light. I give him credit for staying so strong all that time.

Another positive thing that arose from this tragedy was Randy's almost five minute-long video he has just released that highlights part of his Prague journey.

The film (which is featured on Randy's Randonesia blog) is titled Prague: The Devil Is The Details and was filmed and edited by Randy along with music he composed to coincide with its images.

He comments:

...I did not know what was going to happen to me, only that I felt I was doing the right thing by being there. Working in a creative capacity during the trial helped me to remain calm — it is what I know how to do, so I wanted to share it with people.


...Note: the Devil plays an important part in Czech fairytales, and marionettes are a bit of Czech folk culture I came to love while I was there — the marionette hangs in my study now.

The Devil is different in Czech fairy tales though, to my understanding — the puppet is representative of me, the way I viewed myself, the way I was viewed by society at different times — all sorts of things. It is not representative of evil — just wanted to clarify that.


The video can be seen here.