If the internet has taught me anything, it's that people like to hurt themselves. I've witnessed food challenges before, like when Adam's ate dog food, or that time I did a shot of hot sauce. Man do I feel like a wuss after watching this.

I haven't heard of the L.A. Beast before, but he's definitely on the radar now. The best way the L.A. Beast can think to spend $70, was to buy a lifetime supply of Tabasco sauce, and drink it in front of a camera. After getting a third of the way through, he decides it's a bad idea. About halfway into the jug, he starts a metamorphosis into a robot, which doesn't seem to help.

The musical score is awesome, and there's a payoff at the end (unless you don't like watching grown men puke). It looks like he has a ton of other videos of him eating too much of various things, but I think one a day is enough for me.