If you had an incurable and/or terminal illness and the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted you one wish, what would it be? This would be a tough question as none of us want to imagine being in such a situation but the truth is many are and it could happen to any one of us at any time. One young man was faced with such a dilemma when he was told he would get a wish. He dreamed to meet Korn and his wish came true. He made a brief video diary of his experience and it can be seen below.

Tyler Sims is the recipient of the wish and he suffers from lupus, an awful, debilitating auto-immune disease in which the body attacks its own tissue. It can advance slowly but the damage it does to the body cannot be reversed or fixed.

Tyler (a Korn fan since age 10) and his family traveled to Phoenix, Arizona last October to catch the band's sound check and concert and Tyler also got to have a heart-to-heart with vocalist Jonathan Davis.

What band would you meet if you had the chance?