Are you a Kobe-hater? I am! I was a Laker fan beginning at age 8, all the way until Kobe’s sexual assault case came up from ’03 in Colorado. When the Laker organization decided to get rid of Shaq and Phil Jackson in order to invest all their money and attention on a guy who’s a liar and a cheat, well that was it for me. I could no longer cheer for a program like that. Besides, he’s just so arrogant isn’t he? I mean it’s ridiculous how hard he tries to NOT sound like a selfish jerk in interviews by trying to mention the team and by NOT saying “me” or “I”, but he almost always slips up and just can’t get through it without making it all about him. Is he awesome? Yes! Is he the best player in the NBA? I’d say so! Do I have strong dislike for him? Again... Yes! Are you a Kobe-hater too? Click here to find out if you have the traits of one.

Kobe is on Conan O’Brien tonight and you might not see the points I’ve mentioned because it will be in a different setting far away from the game, but if you ever see him during halftime or right after a game, you know what I’m talking about. As he can't help saying what he really means when he's in the moment.