Earlier this week we got the sad news that KK Downing was leaving Judas Priest and now the guitar player explains why.

I knew that there had to be a reason for KK Downing to suddenly quit a band he had been in for over 40 years.  On Wednesday morning Judas Priest had broke the news on their website that Downing would not be joining them on their farewell tour this summer.  The reason why remained unclear, but now KK has spoken.

Turns out he decided to leave the band because communication between him, his bandmates and the bands management had totally broken down.  I guess he had told them before Christmas time that this could be happening but made it official this week.  A large part of the farewell tour was because after 40 years of ripping it up across the world KK had, had enough but the rest of the band kept hinting at more tours after the farewell and that didn't sit well with Downing.  Priest was even working on a new record and I can't imagine them not touring on that.

Therefore I have decided to step down rather than tour with negative sentiments. I feel it would be a deception to you, our cherished fans.

-KK Downing

Rob Halford revealed on his facebook page that KK's departure did upset him for a while, but for the fans sake the band must carry on.  Halford also stated that it is KK's decision and they all support him for that.  It's always hard to replace a member of a band that has been with them for so long.  Priest has also hinted that maybe this won't be the end of touring for them either.  But I think to us the fans, it will never be the same Judas Priest without KK Downing.