It's hard to make a band last these days, but the ones that do can take note from older, successful bands that basically shaped heavy metal. KISS is one of those groups, and they've been together for about forty years now! What's their secret? Continue after the jump to watch the 22-minute video featuring front man Paul Stanley discussing the band's success and how they plan to stay relevant after all these years.

In the Wall Street Journal documentary below, Lee Hawkins asks Paul Stanley of KISS how they plan to stay relevant. These interviews come at a time when the music industry has experienced major changes over the last decade. Music sales now represent just a small part of many artists' income, and the charts are topped with dance music instead of rock and roll. Those who remain relevant will likely rely on building a profitable brand through touring, social media, and merchandising.

KISS will outlive me, for sure. What we've done is create a way of thinking, an ideal that hopefully will go on beyond me and the other guys in the band because the idea is bigger than any individual.

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