Tonight's big Kiss and Motely Crue concert in Michigan has been cancelled due to a bus crash today.

The mega show with Kiss and Motley Crue scheduled for tonight in Michigan has been postponed 24 hours after a bus crash occurred today.  On it's way to the DTE Energy Music Theatre, a bus carrying pyrotechnics for the Crue, flipped over and spilled gear all over the highway.

Everyone seems to be OK despite the awful images.  The Crue's website states:

"On its way to Detroit our pyro truck was involved in an accident and flipped spilling our gear all along the freeway. We owe you the show you expect and deserve, so we’ve jointly decided to give our crews the 24 hours necessary to piece everything together to make it possible. THE PARTY IS NOW THURSDAY NIGHT SEPTEMBER 6th."

Glad to hear everyone turned out alright.  That just sounds terrible - a truck full of pyro crashes.  In my head, I am picturing a major explosion.  Check out the photos Nikki Sixx posted on his Twitter!