Snaggle tooth or not, Kirsten Dunst is pretty damn hot.  She is the new Bulgari fragrance girl and some photos have started to leak of her April ad campaign. 

Kirsten Dunst has taken it off for her latest project.  She is replacing Julianne Moore as Bulgari's new ad girl.  For years Moore had posed nude with various animals to promote the Bulgari perfume, but never with the king of the jungle.  Looks like they are stepping it up a bit.  Sources are also saying that this is also the start of seeing a wilder side to Kirsten Dunst who is escaping her "teen" image.

The photo is pretty hot, and we can expect to see more from it come April when the ads start hitting the internet and magazines. There is something super hot about a sexy woman posing with a wild animal.  Maybe it's our caveman instinct.  I wonder if Dunst is going to the way of Anne Hathaway.  If that is the case we will probably see her nude an awful lot.