This past weekend, I visited Lake George and in a rather spontaneously moment, I became the king of the arcade.

Tickets are not the same as cash, but in the world of arcades they can make you rich. When I walked into the arcade on Route 9 in Lake George, never did I think I would become so incredibly ticket-rich. I had a belly full of chowder and Summer Sandy’s and a thirst to play some skee ball.

After about 18 rolls of the wooden ball, I decided I needed to play a giant fishing wheel game. With one mighty push with my massive triceps, the wheel almost spun off the axle. To no surprise, all my expert lever handling skills paid off when the wheel stopped on the grand prize of 1,000 tickets.

As the tickets spilt from the machine like the Niagara Falls of tickets, I felt an overwhelming amount of pressure. I was now “king of the arcade” and people would be looking to me to redeem some pretty sweet prizes from the redemption counter. I guess it’s true what they say: “mo tickets, mo problem,” ya know?

I marched to the counter holding my head high with my new title as King of the Arcade, looking for the perfect prize. Would I pick Silly Putty, Nerds candy or maybe a strange, concaved piece of rubber that when turned inside out makes a loud popping noise as it leaps off the ground? I had with me my lady and two friends and I knew as their king I had to find a way to protect them. So in exchange for 1,083 tickets I was able to secure a round of knives for my friends and I and still had enough left over for three bouncy balls.

I would say I had the best day ever, but that would be a lie. Because now that I have a new knife, the best day ever is yet to come!

The moral of this story is you can get a knife at an arcade in exchange for tickets you won while playing skeeball. America is truly the best county in the world! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!