It's only been two short months since model and socialite Kim Kardashian and beau of six months, pro-athlete Kris Humphries got engaged, but the couple have already set a wedding date for August 20 of this year.

It's fast, but everything about their relationship has been fast (Kim wants to tie the knot before the upcoming basketball season). And hey, little sister Khloe got married to hubby Lamar Odom very quickly as well, so it must run in the Kardashian blood, except for biggest sister Kourtney, who has been with boyfriend (and father of her son, Mason) Scott Disick for years.

Humphries (who fits in the K-name-themed family), who towers over the short, 5 ft. 2 in. Kim at 6 ft. 9 in., is a forward for the New Jersey Nets basketball team. He is the envy of about almost every guy in America who would love to be in his spot right now. They seem to be in love and in it for life, however. Let's hope it's not just another temporary love story like most of Hollywood's couples.

The wedding will be filmed, photographed and completely open to the media in order for fans and others to take part in the new chapter of Kim's life. The Kardashian girls don't hold anything back in their reality series anyway, so a televised wedding will not be anything new.

However, Kim isn't quite as open about certain things as her sisters are, and Khloe is taking full advantage of it by throwing an all penis-themed bachelorette party for her big sister. Kim will no doubt be embarrassed, shocked and a little bit mad, but after a few shots she'll be all smiles again.

Kim is very uncomfortable with all that stuff, so I'm going to go all out and embarrass her, because it's just fun, she told People.

I wouldn't expect anything less from the tacky-but-awesome and hilarious Khloe, who isn't ashamed or embarrassed about anything.

Kim will be busy and stressed out for the next month, but it will be worth it:

I've fantasized about my wed­ding since I was a little girl, she says.

I love the Kardashians and am really excited to watch Kim's big day. My only question is: will Kim keep her famous last name or change it in the name of love? What do you think and how do you feel about the whole thing?