The show must go on even though a rare and raging blizzard was happening in Little Rock Arkansas.  Kid Rock performed.  When asked about refunds and why the show wasnt cancelled, he took to his website.   

From Kid Rocks official website:
It's this simple, If you bought tix to tonights show and can't make it, YOU WILL BE GETTING A REFUND, STRAIGHT OUT OF MY POCKET. I've never ripped any of my fans off, EVER!!! I have also NEVER missed a show. I know there are people who drove here from Memphis and Oklahoma, been in there cars all day driving and dealing with this s**ty weather, the same as me and my band have the WHOLE TOUR. You so called "fans" on my website bitchin and moanin and saying i'm greedy, can GO F**K YOURSELVES, plain and simple. Throw out my cd's and lose my number, I don't want drama kings and queens like yall anywhere around myself, band, crew, family or my fans.

After he calmed down this is what is now posted.
If you were unable to attend the show, you will be able to receive a full refund. Starting at 12 noon CST tomorrow, Friday February 11, refunds will be given by returning to your original point of purchase. If you purchased your ticket online or by phone, please call Ticketmaster customer service at 1-800-653-8000. If you purchased your ticket at the venue box office, please go to the venue box office.

If you have any questions, please call Verizon Arena at 1-501-975-9000.

There is one thing you can't count on and that is the weather.  In the northeast-Capital Region we have the plows, and means necessary for safe travel.  I dont expect shows to cancel everytime we get a storm here. However in Arkansas, its rare for it to snow, especially a blizzard, and they dont have the equipment to make it safe.   - even his truck slid off the road -

Concerts, shows, events should be cancelled if you put a person's life at risk in an attempt to attend.    I'm not sure if I agree that Kid Rock's show should have gone on as planned.  Perhaps there was no way to make up the show.  It happens, at least he's offering refunds.. but I do love the rant!