Danny McBride is back as Kenny Powers in a brand new video where he takes over as the new CEO of K-Swiss shoes.  Warning:  Language is very NSFW.

Kenny Powers K-Swiss Uncensored Video - Watch more Funny Videos
If you have never seen the HBO series Eastbound & Down starring Danny McBride, then you are missing out. McBride first got my attention in Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder. I then went out and saw a bunch of his other movies, most notably The Foot Fist Way, which is it's own beast.

For those of you who were watching baseball in the mid to late 90's, McBride's character is very similar to former Atlanta Braves Pitcher John Rocker.  He is out of control and thinks he is on top of the world, until his career is no more.  He has turned this character into a very outspoken, spokesman for K-Swiss shoes.  Love the video, especially with the addition of all the athletes.  Big thanks to my boy Nick Papa Giorgio for exposing me to this video.