If there is one thing I hate worse than anything during the summer; it's a warm beer. Earlier this month a study was released on how the condensation on a bottle or can actually causes the contents to heat up quicker. So the basic idea is to keep the outside of your drink dry.

Thanks to Orlando-based Corkcicle, there's a new product on the market that will keep your drink colder, longer while making sure it doesn't go flat. It's called the Chillsner.

The icicle shaped product is designed to sit inside the bottle of beer and keep it cold "until the last sip." It's designed to fit the standard 9 inch long neck bottle and filled with a thermal gel which can be frozen. (The graph below explains it all)

The cost for keeping your beer cold all summer? $29.95 which includes a freezer pack and two coasters, all pictured above.