This week is the final round of trivia to win a four pack of tickets to Rock On The Range.  In order for you to get the tickets, you need to be Smarter Than A Q-Tease. I got some questions with answers to help you out this week.

For the past two weeks, teams have been racking up points to win a 4 pack of tickets to Rock On The Range, a big rock festival in Columbus Ohio May 21st and 22nd.   Nobody is out of it yet, but this week you better be on your game!

We play Smarter Than A Q-Tease every Wednesday night from 7p-9p at City Sports Grille next to Spare Time Clifton Park 1668 Route 9.   Rob Dawes is your host  and this week, its the same two jolly green giant Q-Tease Jen & Nikki.  Both girls are a lot of fun but they mean business this week in trivia.  I've seen them around the station studying, so good luck!

Rob's computer was having issues this week, some big old nasty virus infected it - that's what happens you look at too much adult materials all day - anyways while the IT guy was fixing the computer I had him pull me the trivia questions for this week.  This is what I found out.

There is an Easter theme, be prepared.

Question # 1

76% of people prefer to eat which part of the popular chocolate bunny first?

Answer:  The Ears  - I prefer other parts but we wont get into that.

Question # 2

What national holiday in Mexico has picnickers munching chocolate coffins and sugar skulls?

Answer:  The Day of the Dead - I'm quite sure that Jen would know this, she is a HUGE fan of skulls while Nikki is all about coffins!

Question #3

4/20 is slang for what?

Answer: Using Illegal Drugs.  - remember I didnt inhale and so cute Rob - gag.  Smarter Than A Q-Tease falls on 4/20.  Are we going to take a 5 minute smoke break?
Question #4

How many days on average does LENT last for?

Answer: 40   - what did you give up for Lent?  I gave up on picking on Rob and his coke habit!  HAHA almost done!

Question #5

A Perfect Circle is the headliner for Rock On The Range, Where did they play their last show?

Answer:  Denver Colorado.
Bonus: What was the date?  June 13th 2004.

I totally burst Rob's bubble.  Sorry Rob - could this be the final question? Wager it all!

Good luck and have fun playing Smarter Than A Q-Tease.  7p-9p at City Sports Grille in Clifton Park.  After every round win appetizer giveaways and at the end of the night a gift certificate to the restaurant.  Plus Labatt Specials and $35 cent wings beginning at 8pm. Runner up prizes include tickets to Avenged Sevenfold, Alterbridge and Seether.   Bring your "A" game you're gonna need it!