What does he need to cool off from? A decision on whether or not the names of the jurors will be released. Judge Belvin Perry say he needs 7-10 days of a “Cooling off period” to think about the jurors situation. There are so many people out there outraged about the lack of ‘Justice for Casey’ it could be quite dangerous for those jurors. I know if I was a juror, I wouldn’t want my name released. I still believe these people did the best they could based on what the prosecution brought to the table. I also believe that most of the people that are angered about the verdict did not follow the case that well and only saw or heard one or two bits of information (which was probably info that wasn't allowed in court) before making their own decision and probably don't fully understand the court system. Does Casey Anthony have some dirty hands in this? Definitely! One of the jurors even said that they were 'in tears and sick to their stomachs' about having to say ‘Not Guilty’, but there were too many doubts to convict her.