Heavy metal legends Judas Priest announced that when they hit the road in 2011 it will be for the last time.

After touring and making music for nearly 50 years the metal gods announced that this will be it, but before they do they have a slew of gigs planned for 2011 including several festival dates.

In recent years Priest has been doing the festival circuit such as OzzFest, the Download festival and Megadeth's Gigantour.

And maybe this won't be it.   How many times have KISS and the Stones gone out on a "farewell tour" only to come back  a couple years later because thy got that itch to play.

In fact Priest front man Rob Halford said that he personally wont be hanging it up.

I'm delighted that, of course, the Halford band is gonna be storming forward in the metal future, and that's gotta be good news.

That's what he said just yesterday to Chicago news giant WGN.  So rest easy because the metal god isn't dead so keep the horns up and look for Priest tour dates coming soon.