Judas Priest on Jimmy Fallon? I’m so used to seeing JP on such a large stage that it will be strange seeing them in this kind of set up. What are they going to do… an acoustic set? Now, that would be pretty cool, but not likely. I’m not even sure what they’re up to. I thought these guys already did a farewell tour. Maybe they’ve confused themselves with Kiss and are going to have like5 farewell tours. Either way, I’m sure it’s worth checking out if you’re a Priest fan.

Paul Giamatti will also be on with Fallon. I laugh every time I see that guy because I always think of ‘Pig Vomit’ from Howard Stern’s ‘Private Parts’.

Here’s one more thing to watch for tonight. Puddle of Mudd is the musical guest on The Tonight Show as well. Not a bad night if you're staying in.