We always here that when they play the Presidential debates on TV that many don't tune in because they are boring. Politicians, take note of this dude, who will double your ratings.

This is easiest one of the greatest - and scariest - moments that live television has ever produced. If you're ever debating a Jordanian Parliament member, don't be too offensive. Why? He'll throw a shoe at you, and if you keep poking the bull, you'll get the horns. Or in this case, a gun.

Mohammed Shawabka decided he had, had enough of this other guys criticism and was going to end things. After the guy called Shawabka out for being a Mossad agent, and a 'crook', that's when the gun came out. Thankfully, no one was hurt. You have to give the other guy credit though. Even with a gun pulled on him, he still went right at the Shawabka.