It's not rare that a member of a band will venture out on his or her own and start a side project band, or even a side solo project. It happens quite often in the rock, metal and dubstep world, which is good for us because it gives talented musicians to showcase what they can do even more. That is the case for Korn front man Jonathan Davis, who has just revealed some details on his new and upcoming solo EP.

The extended-play does not yet have a title, but it is expected to come out later this year. This will be the third solo album for the 41-year-old success story, and will follow up 2011's Live at Union Chapel and 2007's Alone I play.

A few weeks ago, Davis stated that Korn was not metal, but in fact dubstep. Whether or not you agree with that, he will be releasing his solo EP under his dubstep DJ persona J Devil, who opened up for Korn on their recent Path of Totality tour, which hits Europe on Monday.

Davis, as well as Korn, have collaborated with From First to Last front man-turned DJ master Sonny Moore, or Skrillex in the past, but Davis says that his solo project is only slightly influenced by his work:

I love what he does, [but] I think the only influence I took was mashing up different kinds of genres of music.

Davis also says that he will incorporate a lot of different elements into the EP in order to make it successful and to his liking:

It doesn't really sound anything like him [Skrillex}, Davis continued. I've had a chance to work with all the best guys in the business and it taught me a lot. I like to come up with my own style, so I'm getting respect from lots of people.

As for what his own style will sound like, Davis hinted at a real sonic smorgasbord. I love electro, I love jungle, I love drum and bass, I love dubstep, so it's a mix-up of all that stuff.

It sounds like his newest solo project will be very exciting and diverse, which should appeal to a number of fans, as well as those not too familiar with his work.

What do you think/hope his new EP will sound like?