My how times have changed since I was  kid.  I recall putting a tooth under my pillow when I was young and the tooth fairy would leave  me a quarter.  Had I been one of the most influential musicians on the planet, I may have been able to pay off my college tuition with my chomper.  Yesterday, one of John Lennon's teeth sold for $31,200.

The story explains how the former Beatle went to the dentist and had  tooth removed.  Lennon came home and gave it to his house keeper, Dorothy "Dot" Jarlett, who was employed between 1964 and 1968 in Lennon's Weybridge, Surrey home.  According to Jarlett's son, her daughter was a big Beatles fan and John suggested giving the tooth to her as a souvenir.

The winning bid for Lennon's tooth?  Omega Auction House had the final tally hit at 19,500 pounds (U.S. $31,200).  $31,200 for a tooth - goodness.  When I read Q-Tease Jen's story about the tooth possibly fetching 16K, I thought- what? 16K for a tooth?  Are those making the estimates a little off of their rocker? Little did I know, it would sell for double the estimated amount! According to the CNN Wirestaff, "Jarlett said Lennon gave his family many gifts over the years. He plans to keep a leather wallet, and his mother still has a pearl necklace Lennon gave her when he returned from Japan."  If the tooth fetches over 30 grand, imagine what the pearl necklace or wallet would tally?  I'm starting to feel the quarter the tooth fairy gave me really isn't the hefty sum I once thought it was in 1984.

If money were no object, would you buy the tooth? How much would you pay?