If you want to look good in front of your friends, buying a celebrity home is a good way to start. John Leguizamo's house in Kingston is currently on the market. Anyone got a spare $835K?

He's probably one of the most versatile actors you'll find in Hollywood - only you can also find him in Kingston. John Leguizamo has been in a vast array of small screen, big screen, and stand-up comedic ventures. From playing the iconic Nintendo do-gooder Luigi Mario in Super Mario Bros. to the cross-dressing tranny Chi-Chi Rodriguez in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar to the villainous Tybalt Capulet in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to the Bohemian midget in Moulin Rouge! and the ever lovably, dimwitted sloth Sid in the Ice Age movies, John Leguizamo has certainly demonstrated his ability to do anything and everything the entertainment industry has to throw at him.

That being said, how important would you feel if you bought his house in Kingston? I'd definitely visit you! 7.64 acres on Binnewater Lake complete with a pool, guest house, and outrageous price-tag. The only way you're settling into this sweet, celebrity haven is if you have $835K you're looking to burn. This stunning piece of property, however, is not the one featured in the MTV Cribs episode John took part in (Season 5, Episode 30).

Still, despite it's appropriately astronomical asking price, it's a pretty kick-ass house owned by a respected Broadway and Hollywood star, and it's right up the road; translation = Upstate New York is special too.