Skillet was had tremendous success in the last decade including their album "Awake" reaching platinum success in 2012. The band, which is Christian based, has really bridged the gab with general rock fans and are ready to unleash their next set of tunes on June 25th  with "Rise"

John sat down with me in the press tent at Rock on the Range on Sunday to talk about the success of the band, their new album, and meeting some of their favorite artist.

The biggest shock wasn't just going platinum, it was the few people that had. When I found that out, I was even thankful.

"Rise", which features the Q103 single 'Sick of It', won't be released until late June but John revealed a little surprise for fans who pre-order the album their band website

Anybody that wants, you can pre-order now at, get some songs for free now.

They get 3 songs now and I more mid June before the record comes out.

Give them a little something to chew on.

The band is playing four songs live on their current tour and I asked John why he chose to go that route when most bands don't like to play a lot of newer songs before fan have the record.

The reason is, honestly, all 12 songs I really love. Usually when you record a record and like about 7. I really love all the songs and think it's very deep in singles.

The conversation continued with John's favorite song on "Rise", giving drummer Jen Ledger more vocal duties on the new album, and having family on the road. Hear the full album below.